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File Folder Games - Handmade Holiday

File folder games are simple paper games that store in file folders. They're easy to construct, easy to store (you can put them in a file folder drawer or file box), and travel well.

They're also very inexpensive to create!

Supplies needed for my version include:

- Color printer and color ink
- Laminating machine and sleeves or clear Contact paper
- File folders
- 6"x9" envelopes
- Clear packing tape
- Self-adhesive Velcro

The first step is to find a file folder game you like. There are many, many free sources available online.

Some of my favorites include:

File Folder Fun

Preschool Printables - File Folder Games (the links to the left are free downloads)

Christian Preschool Printables - Bible File Folder Games

Bible Story Printables - File Folder Games

Positively Autism - File Folder Games

Activity Village - File Folder Games

The Homeschool Hutt - File Folder Games

MormonChic - File Folder Games

To construct the file folder games the way I do you'll first print out your game sheets in color. I use regular paper, but you could use cardstock if you like.

The next step is to laminate the sheets for greater durability. I don't know about your kids, but mine are rough on games! If you don't have a laminating machine, clear contact paper works well.

Then tape your main board to the file folder using the clear packing tape. I used several loops of tape on the back to secure it to the file folder.

The next step is to cut out your playing pieces. If you're using clear contact paper you'll want to first cut out your pieces and then affix them to the contact paper. Make sure to leave an edge around the pieces. I found that with our laminating machine the pieces hold up fine without leaving an edge so I just laminate the full sheet and then cut out the pieces.

Then I tape the envelope to the the file folder. For some games I tape it to the inside of the folder and others, like the paintbrush color matching game, I need to tape it to the back of the folder.

Since the baby girl doesn't know how to open the envelope clasp I also added Velcro to the envelope to make it more user friendly for her.

The last step for us is to attach self-adhesive Velcro pieces. The furry side is placed on the game board and the rougher side is placed on the game pieces. This allows us to play with the games when we're traveling or in church and not worry about losing pieces.

Here are some of the favorites in our household right now:

Match the Mittens from MormonChic

Match the Shapes from MormonChic

Noah's Ark from MormonChic

Paint Brush Color Matching from Confessions of a Homeschooler (scroll down the page to find the link)

I modified this one slightly by printing out two jars in black-and-white and using those to hold the paint brushes. This gives the girls a neutral spot to store the paint brushes when playing the game. You can also see that the envelope needed to be mounted on the back of the folder for this game.

Do you use file folder games with your kids? Do you have any favorite online sources that I didn't mention?

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  1. Absolutly adorable file folders. I made several when I was getting my Elem Ed degree a long time ago. I forgot about them. I will have to get a few of them out. I bet my 3 year old would love them. Thanks for the links too. Very Fun.


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