Monday, July 19, 2010

Links to free online 18" American Girl or similar doll clothing, accessory, and furniture patterns

Rumor has it that the big girl will be the lucky recipient of an American Girl 18" doll on her birthday at the end of August.

In preparation for the doll's arrival I've been scouting out free online patterns for doll clothing, accessories and furniture. I thought I'd make some to go with the new doll.

I've assembled a list of the links I've found.

Please, if you know of any more that I didn't find, please leave the url in the comments section and I'll add them to the body of the post. TIA!

18" American Girl or similar doll free clothing patterns and/or tutorials

1. Several different dresses to fit 18" American Girl dolls

2. No Sew Doll Dress

3. PDF wardrobe sewing patterns for Addy, Samantha, Felicity, Josefina, Kirsten, and Molly

4. Old Fashioned Long Sleeve Dress Pattern

5. Tutu Costume

6. Bodice

7. Doll Skirt from Recycled Fabric

8. Skirt Construction

9. Costume Bodice Pattern

10. Dress with Pinafore

11. City Dresses

12. Holiday Dresses

13. Bloomers

14. Prairie Dress

15. Flower Girl Dress

16. Slip

18" American Girl or similar doll free accessory patterns and/or tutorials

1. Altered Tin - doll purse made from Altoids tin

2. American Girl Doll Tote Bag

3. American Girl Doll Sized Hair Bands

4. Sleeping Bag

5. American Girl Doll Sized Purse

6. Doll Tent

7. Shoes

8. Boots for your 18" doll

18" American Girl or similar doll free furniture and home decorating patterns and/or tutorials

1. Pillowcases, flat sheets, blankets, and quilts for 18" dolls

2. Historical quilts for 18" American Girl or similar dolls

3. Easy Strip Doll Quilt

4. Doll Dresser

5. Doll Bed

6. Doll Shoe Holder

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