Monday, November 25, 2013

Earthy Mama Goods Holiday Sale - Save 20%

I don't run sales often, but I'm feeling really grateful this year and have decided to offer 20% off all ready-to-ship items in my etsy shop, EarthyMamaGoods.

I've been greatly blessed with a large number of orders this year and it's too late to purchase made-to-order or custom orders and have them finished in time for Christmas delivery, but I have over 40 items completed and in my ready-to-ship section of the shop.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

planning out the school year - an unschooling approach to state mandated curriculum

Long time readers of this blog know we're an unschooling family.  I won't take the time in this post to completely describe the educational philosophy, but the crux of it for me is that learning happens all of the time and more of it is unplanned and unstructured than planned and structured.

That said, the big girl is of the age where she is directing her learning more and more.  Since she has a personality that favors routine and scheduling this has been a bit of a challenge for her "seat of the pants" mama.  So I've been asked by her to plan "school".

I've been using Pinterest to organize curricula and projects and wanted to share a few of my recent finds with you all.

sawdust clay from Still Parenting - you can find more ideas like this on my Pinterest DIY art and craft board

math games from Homeschooling Waldorf - you can find more ideas like this on my Pinterest homeschooling - mathematics board

animal kingdom notebook printables from Our Worldwide Classroom - you can find more ideas like this on my Pinterest homeschooling - sciences board

75 fun ways to practice and learning spelling words from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas - you can find more ideas like this on my Pinterest homeschooling - language arts board

American West pioneer activities from Frugal Fun for Boys - you can find more ideas like this on my Pinterest homeschooling - history board

the fifty states unit study from Anna Xanga - you can find more ideas like this on my Pinterest homeschooling - geography board

watercolor techniques and ideas from The Artful Parent - you can find more ideas like this on my Pinterest homeschooling - artistic expression board

I used to keep curricula ideas in binders, but find that this electronic organization system is much easier and helps us keep more space open on our bookshelves for books, which is what we really love to surround ourselves with!

In the state of Wisconsin we don't have a very detailed prescription of curricula for homeschooling, but we are required by law to provide a "sequentially progressive curriculum of fundamental instruction in reading, language arts, mathematics, social studies, science and health."  I've often wondered why the arts aren't included in that listing.  Apparently a well educated individual in the state of Wisconsin need know nothing about the arts.  And since health is subsumed in the biological sciences I often wonder why that is specifically outlined rather than included in "science". I love that we have the flexibility to decide what the girls will learn about based upon their interests and passions and that mandatory testing isn't part of the homeschooling law here.  It gives us more freedom in interest based learning rather than having to spend time teaching to the test.

If you're part of a homeschooling family I'd be interested in hearing your stories/ideas in the comments.  Feel free to share your Pinterest boards, blogs, etc.


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